Untouched | work in progress

When a human being enters this world, he realizes that life is not tailored for each individual. We need to adapt to reach a state of equilibrium and enter a state of calm. Personally, calm is an emotion I don’t know, it’s an unspoiled and unknown place. Calmness is something that lives in a world of dreams; it’s imaginary, unreal.

Titan and its sea of Ligeia are still calm. They are part of an unknown place that I am able to shape. I create my own idyllic based on a remote universe that humanity has not yet been able to access or alter in any way, shape or form.

I refer to the concept of space because it is a notion that largely still remains a dream based on our perception. I am fascinated by how people refer to space as an abstraction, a place that does not relate to social conventions, an empty crater that is a stark contrast to our daily routine. Space connotes an emptiness, a bitter taste for humanity that has failed to conquer it despite technological advances. Space remains a complete stranger that continues to fascinate us.

- Roberta Pesce, 2014